What Our Customers Are Saying​

Kate and Ryan

We can’t thank you enough for all the work, time, and vision you’ve invested to help us transform our home. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and we’ll be happy to share our thoughts with any potential clients. You truly have been pivotal in making our house a home.

Carrie, Steve and Lucy Dog

Richard, Thanks for being so great (and easy!) to work with. We have enjoyed having you around the past few months and look forward to more projects in the future. We just love our new kitchen!

Theresa and Mark

Richard,  Thanks for being a part of our wonderful kitchen remodel. I appreciate the communication and updates throughout the process. We were very happy with Sergio and his knowledge and his attention to detail. He was very conscientious, I know he will enjoy for many years to come. Peace and blessings,  Theresa

Jean and Tony

We recently had Accolade Kitchen & Bath remodel our master bathroom. Richard was great to work with from initial consultation through job completion. He worked within our budget, listened to our ideas, came up with a design and helped us select tile and fixtures that are both beautiful and functional. Sergio did a beautiful job on the installation. I would definitely recommend Accolade Kitchen & Bath for your next home renovation!


Turning a customer’s “I wants” into “I haves”:  When Kathy and her husband purchased their home years ago, they initially performed a kitchen remodel that made sense at the time. Eventually, it became more and more apparent that the kitchen was simply not functioning efficiently. When Kathy decided it was time to modernize her small, dated kitchen, she didn’t just change the paint color or add new accessories. Rather, she knew what she wanted and hired Accolade Kitchen & Bath to complete her vision. After talking, dreaming, and planning, she and Richard Terry were able to create a classic plan with a touch of modern design. She happily bid farewell to the small, cramped and crowded kitchen. Well-chosen details added just the right amount of balance and visual interest.  “The kitchen was clumsy and just not efficient,” explains Kathy. “I pretty much knew what I wanted but I didn’t have the resources to make it happen. Richard actually took me shopping and eliminated the confusion in choosing materials for the remodel. Had I tried to shop alone, I would have spent much more time (and probably more money). He knew the best resources and the questions to ask and he was always patient with me when I changed my mind – which I did frequently!” Now that the kitchen is completed, Kathy says her kitchen is a delightful showcase kitchen and easy to work in. “I wanted to see something original and unique to me,” Kathy said of her renovated kitchen. “And Accolade did it!” Kathy appreciated the fact that the combination of design ability, resource selection, skilled workmanship and communication resulted in a kitchen she is proud of.


A dingy kitchen re-made into an elegant open-concept space:  As a new homeowner, Caitlyn could imagine past the existing dingy, small and completely outdated kitchen in the 1930’s house to its potential for becoming the heart of the home. She was concerned about finding a contractor who would pay attention to detail and provide quality work. After checking references and talking to others, she had no reservations about hiring Richard Terry of Accolade Kitchens and Baths for the project. “The referrals were all glowing and most positive,” she explained. “I wanted something classic that would last,” she said, so they decided to create an open-concept kitchen-and-dining space. Richard and his crew found a few surprises as in any old house. They corrected the plumbing and met other challenges, all while maintaining the original timeframe and budget. “Their attention to detail was superb as they redesigned the kitchen’s new footprint! They were even careful with walls that didn’t need to be touched.” The best thing about working with Richard, according to Caitlyn, was the fact that he kept her in the loop through all aspects of the job. She didn’t have to wonder about the progress, problems, or challenges that were uncovered.  And Richard went shopping with her and gave advice about materials. “The floor is a herringbone style, something Richard suggested, and it’s the first thing people notice when they enter the kitchen. His eye for design is outstanding,” Caitlyn contends. Caitlyn was particularly happy about the fact that when the job was done, the kitchen was move-in ready with wisely-chosen storage options ensuring there was a place for everything. Accolade cleaned the kitchen and completed all finishes so she just had to determine where things went and put them there!  Richard took a vague idea of what Caitlyn liked and turned it into a dream kitchen within budget. “He nailed it on the head and I can’t say enough positive,” declares Caitlyn. “I would recommend Accolade to anyone looking for a remodeler they can depend on at a fair price.”  And she is excited to say, “I got a high end look but not a high end price.”


I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful job that you did in my kitchen, four bathrooms, mudroom, foyer and various other areas in my home. As is true with so many people, my house is not just a place where my family lives. It is our home base, our sanctuary and the place where we find comfort, strength and build memories. It is our starting point for each day. It sets our mental tone. The more than outdated kitchen and bathrooms and nonfunctional mud room that we had been living with since we moved in approximately 20 years ago were actually a source of stress and frustration. You took away all of that stress and frustration with all of the beautiful work that you did in our home. Now every single morning when I go into my kitchen to make my coffee I feel joy. When I am doing something as simple as loading the dishwasher or preparing a meal the beauty and functionality of my new kitchen provides peace. When I entertain myself I have a beautiful kitchen that reflects the rest of our home and my style. I am now able to display all of the beautiful family china and crystal that has been hidden behind cabinets for years. The mudroom is fabulous. It is absolutely stunning as is the kitchen. Now instead of a mess everywhere we have a place to put our boots, umbrellas, jackets, outdoor toys, etc. It’s amazing! And the bathrooms all feel like a day spa. You truly worked your magic. You turned my Pinterest pages into real life rooms in my home. And I am so glad that I took all of the suggestions that you offered. You took my ideas and made them even better. Everything you did in my home provides so much happiness and frees all of us, especially me, to know that our home is gorgeous and functioning and as such our mental effort and energy can now be better spent on new ideas and projects. It’s absolutely wonderful. Thank you so very much!

Carrie and Steve

Hi Richard, Accolade Kitchen & Bath was just the right fit for our kitchen remodel. We wanted someone with an easy going style, good sense of design and able to work within our budget.  Richard was awesome throughout the process, making sure everything was just what we wanted and offering ideas to make things more functional throughout.  He also partners with fantastic contractors and suppliers. Todd was also amazing – an extremely hard worker, a great attitude each day, and extreme attention to detail (even things we would have never noticed!) We highly recommend Accolade Kitchen and Bath and will use them for future projects!


Dear Mr. Terry, When you first showed me your bathroom plan for my walk-in shower, it was certainly very lovely. However, the finished bath really truly overwhelmed me. It is way beyond my dreams of a new walk-in shower. The craftsmanship and attention to the smallest detail is amazing! I am happy with your work and I would recommend your company to anyone considering remodeling.


I’m so excited! Richard Thornton Terry with Accolade Kitchen & Bath is going to make my kitchen “a little grater”!! (Get it?!) I just can’t wait to get started!

Bea and James

Hoping you are doing well during this difficult time. I just wanted to let you know how much I am loving our renovated kitchen during this stay at home period. I love our beautiful cabinets and the functionality of their storage. I love the peaceful and beautiful ambiance of the space. The countertops and backsplash are gorgeous and easily disinfected. We have been self-quarantined since March 9. I have prepared all meals in our lovely kitchen since that time. We enjoy each detail! The function and beauty of our new kitchen are making it easier to endure this crazy time. Just wanted to say THANKS! 


Richard worked with us to design the best functionality for our closet space. He offered multiple approaches based on the items of clothes and shoes we needed to store. We ended up having 3 closets redesigned, and we are very happy with the results. Richard is very attentive to detail. For one of our closets, the manufacturer sent the incorrect measured boards. Richard would not try to install the incorrect items.   He had the manufacturer redo the entire order, and he personally installed the correct shelving. He even ordered top of the line accessories, installed them, and didn’t charge us extra because he felt our original order was not delivered up to his standards. We have used Accolade not just for closet design, but for multiple projects from complete redo of our kitchen to most of our bathroom. Richard always delivers professional work done on time.


Thank you for all the work you did to make our kitchen awesome! We are so pleased with it and with the service that you provided to us. We hadn’t previously worked with a contractor, and found the experience to be very positive. Thank you also for the board, knife, and follow up card, nice touches! I’ll definitely refer others your way as I hear of acquaintances needing work done and will reach out to you when we have something come up in the future.

Sheryl and Wesley

I think everyone fears, or at least dreads, the tear down of a kitchen while a remodeling project is underway. It’s also easy to be apprehensive about the choices you’ve made to replace old countertops, cabinets, paint, appliances, flooring, etc.  But Richard Terry made this whole process very smooth and was on site every day to check on the quality of the work and to make sure there were no interruptions. No one can expect a new kitchen to be finished overnight, but Richard worked to make sure the entire project was finished as quickly as possible — and he succeeded. He pointed me to several suppliers of countertops and tile, places I had no idea existed, and accompanied me as I browsed around, making sure I knew the relative advantages and disadvantages of various materials. It also helped that he gave me realistic and accurate estimates of how long each of the phases of installation would take and how much they would cost. My primary goal was to have an updated look.  My original kitchen gave the impression it was part of a cheap, generic apartment: formica countertops, all off-white paint, no tile, no granite, no trim. It was dull and uninteresting. Now it looks like a photo from House Beautiful magazine. My favorite result of my new kitchen is that I get to listen to the “oohs” and “ahs” of my friends and family members as they walk in and see it for the first time.  It’s also much easier to work in — food prep, clean up, etc than it was before. That is also a great boon. Nevertheless, seeing the astonishment of my friends is till the best! My biggest bugaboo is when general contractors and/or sub-contractors don’t show up, or don’t show up at the time they say they will. Also, I’m quite the perfectionist, so even the slightest degree of shoddy or slipshod workmanship would have sent the whole crew packing. I simply don’t have the personality to put up with that kind of thing even for the briefest time. I would immediately fire them all and demand my money back. But with Richard in charge, I need not have worried at all about scenarios like these.  He was on top of everything all the time. And I do mean all the time, without exception. One of the sub-contractors even said to me, “when you work for Richard, you know you have to work to a very high standard.” Second, whenever I was unsure about a choice I’d made, he gave me several other options to ponder, often by bringing samples of various materials to the house, and never rushed me to make a decision. When one of the items I chose turned out to be no longer available, he knew just what to show me as a substitute because by then he instinctively knew my taste. Third, he does deliver a spectacular result for the cost. There were never any “sticker shock” moments because the estimate we were given at the beginning was extremely accurate. It was indeed a great value for the money.