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I think everyone fears, or at least dreads, the tear down of a kitchen while a remodeling project is underway. It’s also easy to be apprehensive about the choices you’ve made to replace old countertops, cabinets, paint, appliances, flooring, etc.  But Richard Terry made this whole process very smooth and was on site every day to check on the quality of the work and to make sure there were no interruptions. No one can expect a new kitchen to be finished overnight, but Richard worked to make sure the entire project was finished as quickly as possible — and he succeeded.

He pointed me to several suppliers of countertops and tile, places I had no idea existed, and accompanied me as I browsed around, making sure I knew the relative advantages and disadvantages of various materials. It also helped that he gave me realistic and accurate estimates of how long each of the phases of installation would take and how much they would cost.

My primary goal was to have an updated look.  My original kitchen gave the impression it was part of a cheap, generic apartment: formica countertops, all off-white paint, no tile, no granite, no trim. It was dull and uninteresting. Now it looks like a photo from House Beautiful magazine.

My favorite result of my new kitchen is that I get to listen to the “oohs” and “ahs” of my friends and family members as they walk in and see it for the first time.  It’s also much easier to work in — food prep, clean up, etc than it was before. That is also a great boon. Nevertheless, seeing the astonishment of my friends is till the best!

My biggest bugaboo is when general contractors and/or sub-contractors don’t show up, or don’t show up at the time they say they will. Also, I’m quite the perfectionist, so even the slightest degree of shoddy or slipshod workmanship would have sent the whole crew packing. I simply don’t have the personality to put up with that kind of thing even for the briefest time. I would immediately fire them all and demand my money back. But with Richard in charge, I need not have worried at all about scenarios like these.  He was on top of everything all the time. And I do mean all the time, without exception. One of the sub-contractors even said to me, “when you work for Richard, you know you have to work to a very high standard.”

Second, whenever I was unsure about a choice I’d made, he gave me several other options to ponder, often by bringing samples of various materials to the house, and never rushed me to make a decision. When one of the items I chose turned out to be no longer available, he knew just what to show me as a substitute because by then he instinctively knew my taste.

Third, he does deliver a spectacular result for the cost. There were never any “sticker shock” moments because the estimate we were given at the beginning was extremely accurate. It was indeed a great value for the money.

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