Turning a customer’s “I wants” into “I haves”: 

When Kathy and her husband purchased their home years ago, they initially performed a kitchen remodel that made sense at the time. Eventually, it became more and more apparent that the kitchen was simply not functioning efficiently. When Kathy decided it was time to modernize her small, dated kitchen, she didn’t just change the paint color or add new accessories. Rather, she knew what she wanted and hired Accolade Kitchen & Bath to complete her vision. After talking, dreaming, and planning, she and Richard Terry were able to create a classic plan with a touch of modern design. She happily bid farewell to the small, cramped and crowded kitchen. Well-chosen details added just the right amount of balance and visual interest.

 “The kitchen was clumsy and just not efficient,” explains Kathy. “I pretty much knew what I wanted but I didn’t have the resources to make it happen. Richard actually took me shopping and eliminated the confusion in choosing materials for the remodel. Had I tried to shop alone, I would have spent much more time (and probably more money). He knew the best resources and the questions to ask and he was always patient with me when I changed my mind – which I did frequently!” Now that the kitchen is completed, Kathy says her kitchen is a delightful showcase kitchen and easy to work in. “I wanted to see something original and unique to me,” Kathy said of her renovated kitchen. “And Accolade did it!”

Kathy appreciated the fact that the combination of design ability, resource selection, skilled workmanship and communication resulted in a kitchen she is proud of.

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