I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful job that you did in my kitchen, four bathrooms, mudroom, foyer and various other areas in my home.

As is true with so many people, my house is not just a place where my family lives. It is our home base, our sanctuary and the place where we find comfort, strength and build memories. It is our starting point for each day. It sets our mental tone.

The more than outdated kitchen and bathrooms and nonfunctional mud room that we had been living with since we moved in approximately 20 years ago were actually a source of stress and frustration.

You took away all of that stress and frustration with all of the beautiful work that you did in our home. Now every single morning when I go into my kitchen to make my coffee I feel joy. When I am doing something as simple as loading the dishwasher or preparing a meal the beauty and functionality of my new kitchen provides peace. When I entertain myself I have a beautiful kitchen that reflects the rest of our home and my style. I am now able to display all of the beautiful family china and crystal that has been hidden behind cabinets for years. The mudroom is fabulous. It is absolutely stunning as is the kitchen. Now instead of a mess everywhere we have a place to put our boots, umbrellas, jackets, outdoor toys, etc. It’s amazing! And the bathrooms all feel like a day spa. You truly worked your magic. You turned my Pinterest pages into real life rooms in my home. And I am so glad that I took all of the suggestions that you offered. You took my ideas and made them even better.

Everything you did in my home provides so much happiness and frees all of us, especially me, to know that our home is gorgeous and functioning and as such our mental effort and energy can now be better spent on new ideas and projects. It’s absolutely wonderful. Thank you so very much!

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